Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Go Greener" Commission Passes On 1st Reading

I am happy to report that Ordinance #19-08 establishing by law a "Go-Greener" Commission in West Lafayette passed on its first "reading" on June a
5 - 2 vote (4 Democrats, 1 Republican). A final reading will take place on Monday, July 7th.

I was pleased to introduce the Ordinance on behalf of the Go Green Commission first established by Mayor Mills and chaired by Diane Damico. Many of our residents, young and old, have a deep personal or professional interest in the issues of environmental health, sustainable living, and climate change.

There is one small change in the copy that appears to the right on this page. At Mayor Dennis's suggestion, the Mayor will appoint 3 members, the City Council 4 members, and the Commission itself 5 members to the 12 member "Go Green" Commission.

I would like to invite any members of District #2 who would like to be considered for membership on the "Go Green" Commission to contact me. Already attending "Go Green" meetings? Great! Just found out about this and have
a particular talent or interest or resource that might make you a great candidate? Let me know !

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