Monday, September 15, 2008


I was thrilled to be invited to the first ever meeting of the “Community Homeowners And University Neighbors Committee” PAC. CHAUNC PAC.

Held on September 13th. at the home of Danny Weiss, CHAUNC PAC (as a nonconnected political action committee) will seek, through political channels, ways to improve our quality of life, manage growth, increase economic viability, and manage and improve diversity.

Danny Weiss – with help from Felicia Roberts – will be the paperwork person and chair. Rachel Einwohner will be the treasurer. Jay McCann will look at a possible organizational structure. Carl Griffin made the first pledge. Diane Masters volunteered to undertake the group’s first activity. She will find a way to post West Lafayette rental inspection reports either in the Journal and Courier (much as restaurant health inspections are now reported) or in J & C on-line data.
(Compare the City of Springfield, IL

Inspired in part by Sarah Mustillo’s rejection by the school board, and following the model of New Chauncey Housing’s evolution from within the New Chauncey Neighborhood Association, CHAUNC PAC hopes to take advantage of the political interest generated in a presidential election year and channel some of that energy, come November 5th., into local politics. CHAUNC PAC will address issues vital to our multi-generational, multi-class, near campus New Chauncey Neighborhood and support those candidates who demonstrate an interest in those issues whether on school board, in local government, or at the state legislature.

This neighborhood is remarkable! What a fascinating experiment!

For further information contact: Danny Weiss (323 Lawn - 743-6487 -

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