Thursday, September 11, 2008

Violation Tickets

With the passing of Ordinance #26-08 at the September 8, 2008 West Lafayette City Council Meeting, a variety of nuisance violations can now be addressed by an escalating series of tickets (First offense - $50.00. Second offense - $100.00. Third and subsequent offenses - $250.00.) to be issued through an expanded Ordinance Violations Bureau.

Once part of the proposed Good Neighbor Ordinance (2007), this expansion of the Violations Bureau was one of four items suggested by community members at a June 29th meeting with Development Director Chandler Poole. Also included were the definition of a Disorderly House, Habitual Offender Status for non-compliant landlords, and Publication of Apartment Inspection Records, just as Health Code Violations in restaurants now find their way into the paper. To those I would add a favorite of mine: an increase in the fee (Sec. 117.07. Rental certificate fees and terms.) to be charged for the conversion of a single family home into a rental property.

Our next challenge? To see who can, who will, and when will they write these tickets. The Mayor’s Office will launch a public relations campaign regarding the ordinance revision in the near future.

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