Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bad News

"I have no problems with this administration whatsoever," she (Patti Weida) said of the current mayor, John Dennis. " ... Journal & Courier 10/04/09

Bad news for us.

You’ve seen this before. Somewhere a corporation decides that there is a place that enjoys a resource it could profit from. They would like to guarantee a warm welcome. So they overthrow the government. Remove the natives. Strip-mine the place. Move on.

Sound like any place you know?

The Republican administration came into power in West Lafayette promising that it was all about enforcement. Yet over-occupancy has apparently disappeared. A miracle. No new cases have been filed since January. There is no over-occupancy on Littleton. Just Bob Meyer (K.A.P. Housing Inc.) and perhaps the “cousins” – again. Even when a fire “outs” four people living in a house zoned for three.

There is no over-occupancy on Evergreen.

"I want someone to tell me how to go about this," Weida said. "I've gotten no guidance from the city” . . . Journal & Courier 10/04/09


And HELLO, you sure don’t need any “guidance” to know this is wrong . . .

“The property at 112 Sylvia Street . . . was listed as a five bedroom house, just as in the Rental Guide, but on the rent was listed at the per bedroom rate of $300/month, which was one fifth per of the rent per bedroom, for a total rent of $1500/month.- Memo of Fact TIPPECANOE SUPERIOR COURT II CAUSE NO. 79D02-0604-PL-00048

Become a campaign supporter, and apparently all your worries are over. It says so in the paper. The City discovers enforcement is expensive and inconvenient. Mind you, they could have done it cheaper, better, but there were political allies to support, enemies to punish. You won’t read that in the paper.

Nor will you read a word about the people. Apparently no one lives in these neighborhoods. No one has a voice unless they have power or money. No one represents these neighborhoods. There is no history. None of the young reporters know the damage already done. Pushed to supply 30 to 40 by-lines a month, speed and ease are important. Senior management has already selected its story line. All are eager to be on their way out of here.

That's bad news. In style. In substance. As rental property and “kiddie condos” spread throughout the city, its bad news for all of us.

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