Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowplow and Connolly

It has been fun, as chair of the City Council's Street and Sanitation Committee, to get to see our Second District from the passenger's seat of the city's heavy equipment. Garbage truck, recycling truck, fire truck, snow plow . . . . The City work force is excellent; experienced and considerate.

Here’s something I learned yesterday while riding in a city plow. The driver could not plow Connolly St. between Salisbury and Robinson. The plow simply could not fit between the cars parked on both sides of the street. It reminded me that three years ago while attending a graduation party, an ambulance could not respond to the report of a young man having a seizure until the responders knocked on the doors along Connolly St. to get people to move their cars.

I will ask the Traffic Commission to consider making one side of Connolly St. between Salisbury and Robinson a "No Parking" zone. Perhaps we might make Alternate Side Parking the rule there. We once had “Alternate Side Parking” it parts of West Lafayette. There is access to the residences on the north side of Connolly from the alley north of the street.

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