Thursday, March 19, 2009

Over-Occupancy Ordinance #03-09

As the city's ad-hoc committee on over-occupancy code revision has not met in nearly two months, West Lafayette Democrats have decided to begin the long fight to clarify and strengthen and so (hopefully) improve enforcement of the city's over-occupancy code.
(Proposed Ordinance #03-09 - At right and down.)

We have added security deposit reporting (My thanks to Paul Roales!)

We have tried to remove any ambiguity regarding the commercial rental firms monitoring obligations.

Things NOT covered:
- frequency of occupancy inspections
-"cousins" in current code vs. IRS definition
- public access to inspection reports

Also, please find to the right a fascinating approach to the issue of rental zoning from East Lansing; the "Residential Rental Restriction Overlay".

Perhaps the most important question is this, "Does the City Administration have the will to enforce either current or future revisions to the occupancy code?"

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