Monday, April 13, 2009

APC Land Use Plan Request

I have asked that the resolution (and map - at right) be included on the agenda of the May 4th. West Lafayette City Council meeting. Originally suggested by Danny Weiss, and petitioned for in an email from Carl Griffin on behalf of the New Chauncey Neighborhood Association dated 26 March, it asks the Area Plan Commission to examine the current land use plan for the New Chauncey Neighborhood.

The resolution itself copies one which was originally drafted by Perry Brown (D) and approved by Dave Heath (R) which dealt with the Historic Jeff Neighborhood. Either Sallie Fahey or Carl Griffin (the West Lafayette City Council APC rep) will speak to the work the APC and neighborhoods can do together at the May 4th. meeting. New Chauncey will select liaisons to the study group in due course.

The City of West Lafayette last made provision for the development of a New Chauncey Neighborhood Plan through a contract approved on 11/17/1998 with Ratio Planning. The last Strategic Plan Update for the City of West Lafayette was completed in June 2005. People new to the neighborhood need to learn zoning basics (e.g. R- 1 vs. R-1U) . Given the peculiar character of this neighborhood, planning cannot be neglected. . . . and this is free :)

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