Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ordinance #03-09

Ordinance #03-09 passed on first reading. J&C 4/7/09
Exponent 4/7/09

Many thanks to everyone for your help in getting Ordinance #03-09 passed on first reading!

We will need SOMEONE ( or two :) ) to show up at the April 9th 3:00 pm public meeting at City Hall to discuss what comes next. If only to monitor the room . . . I would hope this meeting would provide for a schedule of public meetings on the issue in a variety of locations over the next few weeks.

I will continue to argue (a) the current law is enforceable; at question is the will of the current administration to use the existing ordinance. (b) if the city will proceed only if the law is made less vague, we have provided some detail in #03-09.

Even if we prevail legislatively, I would be willing to bet a $100 donation to Mayor Dennis's favorite charity that there will be no successful prosecution under this or any remodeled ordinance in the next 2 1/2 years. We cannot force the city administration to prosecute anybody for anything, no matter how regular or egregious the violations. Yet by proceeding, we continue to defend the value of our multi-class, multi-generational, near campus neighborhood - a natural resource as valuable to this university community as a lake or mountain (well; almost :) ).

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