Thursday, August 20, 2009

Neighborhood Resource Team

We’ve had a pretty good week.

The Westside Urban Fitness Trail (thanks to funding from District #2 resident Larry Oates and the West Lafayette Redevelopment Commission) will link a refurbished and accessible High School track with the Morton Center and the West Lafayette Public Library.

The route – Salisbury to Lutz to Vine to Centennial (“Froggie”) Park to Lawn to Grant – will improve two streets (Lutz and Vine) that need care.

The Neighborhood Resource Team’s “Walk Through the Neighborhood” (8/19/09), led by Mayor John Dennis, introduced Code Enforcement Supervisor Rick Walker to the community and highlighted problems with which we are all too familiar. The WLFI video was taken during a walk down the alley south of Stadium between Salisbury and Vine. I couldn’t have staged a better mix of couches, mattresses, tossed trash cans, and weeds if I had tried!

This new energy is much appreciated. For example, thanks to the efforts of the resource team – and with thanks to New Chauncey Housing and its emergency abatement fund –
a dumpster has been brought
in to Crum Ct. to clear trash from a long troublesome property.

We lost two streets this year; East Lutz and West Oak. Work on over-occupancy and trash must continue. But for a moment every media outlet in the community was looking at what we look at daily. John Dennis, Lt. Gary Sparger, Joe Payne, deserve our thanks.

We had a pretty good week.

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Anonymous said...

I used to be a neighbor of the Crum Court "troublesome property." Illicit drug activity was the norm in that particular house.