Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not all news events are treated equally . . .

n editorial in the Sunday Journal and Courier reminds us that "not all news events are treated equally."

Can you imagine a Jan Mills auto accident? On the front page of the Local Section above the fold would have appeared a diagram of the crash scene, a scanned copy of the ticket issued, an interview with the driver involved and with the driver of the car headed in the opposite direction, along with comments from Republican city councilors who would have been asked if Mayor Mill's repeated major car crashes were impacting city government. Her comments on the scene would be part of the public record. No apology would have been made to the Fountain County sheriff for press tenacity.

Some of the most trying weeks in my ministry were spent at the bedside and with the family of a young man seriously injured in a Northwestern Ave. motorcycle accident. I do not minimize the fear and pain involved in such an accident, nor the difficulty of the rehabilitation. I also understand that we will always meet people in the course of our jobs whom we find more affable or attractive than others, and that we will struggle with our moral obligation to treat all honorably.

AND that not all news events are treated equally . . .

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