Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sell Tommy Johnston Park?

Imagine for a moment that "Tommy Johnston Park" (Wood & Chauncey) were located in Arbor Chase. The park might grow old, and the small children who once used it might grow up. But close it? No, the neighborhood association would meet, and a committee would be created to work with the Parks Department to remodel or reconfigure the park to meet the changing needs of the community. That should happen in District #1 as well.

I applaud Purdue Student Government's "Preserving the Tommy Johnston Neighborhood Park" resolution. There is not much green space south of State St. and few city resources are devoted to what was once this mixed use neighborhood.

I also wonder, along with PSG, about the process leading to the sale. Though admittedly, I suffer from "Burtsfield Syndrome" ( a characteristic combination of emotions, opinions and behaviors), in which it appears that major city decisions are made without public debate circumventing elected officials through the skillful use of the byzantine practices of city government. An example: the demolition of Burtsfield School through a construction change order approved by the Board of Works. (Post 10/30/08 - Burtsfield School Demolition.)

I look forward to working with Councilor Hoggatt on this issue.

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