Tuesday, October 26, 2010


After months of inactivity, not only do we get a zoning change proposed ahead of a land use plan, we also get this proposal which must have been in the works for awhile . . . it's all so sleazy. I appear to be wasting my time on this committee.

Steering Committee Members,

There is a mixed-use development being proposed within New Chauncey neighborhood, along Northwestern Avenue, that the development team (represented by Joseph Bumbleburg) would like to introduce to the steering committee. As representatives of neighborhood interests currently serving the neighborhood planning process, your presence at this gathering will be invaluable. As this meeting will exclusively be dedicated to this single project, we are clear to meet at any time/day that works best for everyone. We have typically met on Mondays at 6pm, but do not need to hold to this. Please provide me your availability in the evenings for the next two weeks and I will make arrangements.

Thank you,


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