Thursday, April 7, 2011

2nd District Needs Peter Bunder

I am a member of the West Lafayette City Council and I am writing about my colleague, Peter Bunder. Peter has capably represented the second district and its neighborhoods. He is a hard worker who attends not just the formal monthly meeting but various work sessions, committee and neighborhood meetings, where much of the work of the council is performed.

In addition to this, Peter has been fearless and untiring in standing up for the neighborhoods he represents. He has your best interests in mind. His latest challenge was against recently-proposed zoning changes. These changes would have altered carefully planned density limits on R3W zoning designed as a buffer for our older neighborhoods. They would have also greatly reduced parking requirements for higher density housing and retail developments. The additional vehicles would have posed a problem for adjoining neighborhoods. Peter passionately fought these changes and educated the council on their ramifications - leading to a 5-2 defeat of this proposal.

This is one example of his bold leadership. Peter also stood up for the ordinance to end smoking in public accommodations, including restaurants and bars. Peter's May 3rd primary opponent was the spokesperson for the student bar owners who fought this change. Peter is always guided by what is right for the city and the neighborhoods he represents.

Peter Bunder’s leadership is what protects your neighborhood. Please support Peter with your vote in the primary on May 3rd.

Gerald W. Thomas

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