Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ann Hunt J&C Letter - District#2

I am a West Lafayette Councilor from District 3 and have served in that position for just under 8 years. I have been elected President of the WL Council by my colleagues for 5 years. I am writing in support of incumbent Councilor Peter Bunder for selection in the Democratic Primary Election that will cease on May 3, 2011.

Councilor Bunder has been a tireless advocate for preserving the New Chauncey Neighborhood during his current term as Councilor and during his 22 years of residence in this neighborhood. New Chauncey is a treasured and fragile area in our town of West Lafayette. It is a treasure because of its unique mix of architecturally unique houses, its fragile mix of multi-generational residents, its historic nature and its beautiful trees and pocket parks.

New Chauncey is at risk of losing all these unique features and deserves to be represented by an individual with the passion, attentiveness and ability to fight the battles to preserve this treasured neighborhood. Please vote for Peter Bunder, Democrat, at polling stations in this primary season. Thank you, Ann H Hunt

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