Friday, April 29, 2011


Charles Kuntz and Tom Deluca did an UNBELIEVABLE job on this 30 second
ad. (thanks to Susan Rowe for making the media buy ) It is beautiful on
all sorts of levels; the photography (apple blossoms?), Westside's love
of education, the historic buildings and homes . . . and even a dog and
a beautiful woman (daughter Emily:)!

It's up on the campaign Facebook page:

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It would be great for it to have as many on-line views as watch it on TV
18 or Comcast! Runs Friday am through Tuesday am
Enjoy! Everybody loves this . . .


M-F 6p-630p P4
6:06:07 PM

7:28:40 AM
M-F 5a-6a P4
5:27:56 AM
M-F 5p-530p P4
5:20:43 PM

Sa 7p-8p P4
7:12:11 PM
Sa 6p-630p P4
6:21:12 PM
Sa 9a-11a P4
9:34:12 AM

Su 9a-1030a P4
9:15:03 AM
Su 1030a-11a P4
10:58:46 AM
Su 6p-630 P4
6:05:34 PM

M-F 6a-7a P4
6:05:12 AM
M-F 6a-7a P4
6:52:31 AM
M-F 6p-630p P4
6:21:12 PM
M-F 5p-530p P4
5:05:24 PM
M-F 5a-6a P5
5:06:28 AM

M-F 6a-7a P4
6:06:12 AM
M-F 6a-7a P4
6:45:39 AM

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