Thursday, April 21, 2011

CHAUNC PAC Endorsement in J&C

The CHAUNC-PAC endorsement of my candidacy made it into the 21 April Journal and Courier opinion section !!!! Pass it along on your social networks !! (You do have to scroll past "lemonade day", but you can't miss it!)

Here's the full text as it appeared in the Exponent on 11 April . . .

CHAUNC PAC Endorsement


New Chauncey Neighborhood Political Action Committee Endorses Peter Bunder for West Lafayette City Council, District 2 in the Democratic Primary

West Lafayette, IN – Wednesday, April 6, 2011 –

Community Homeowners and University Neighbors Committee Political Action Committee (CHAUNC-PAC) interviewed both candidates running for the city council seat in district 2 in West Lafayette, the seat currently held by Peter Bunder, and concluded that Mr. Bunder would be the more effective of the two candidates for the stability and growth of the New Chauncey neighborhood.

Mr. Bunder has a stronger grasp of the issues and a deeper understanding of the mechanics of city governance. He has accumulated a respectable set of accomplishments on behalf of the New Chauncey neighborhood.

Both Mr.Bunder and his challenger, Tom Herr, share the widespread view among owner-occupants that the loss of owner-occupied homes is the key challenge facing the neighborhood.

However, Mr. Bunder endorses actions that will fortify and build home values; in contrast, Mr. Herr believes that affordability is the key obstacle driving down owner-occupancy. It is our view that one key component for retaining a healthy balance between owner-occupancy and rental is generating and maintaining growth in home values. Homes in our community which are priced low are the homes that are especially vulnerable to transition because rental owners find those homes attractive and potential new residents find the low-prices to be a signal of neighborhood decline.

Initiatives such as the Historical Preservation Commission Ordinance give our city tools to stabilize home ownership. Mr. Bunder is a major advocate of this initiative while Herr criticizes it as a program that will drive up costs of ownership.

Tom Mustillo, CHAUNC-PAC Chair

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