Saturday, April 30, 2011

Czaja Letter 4/30 J&C

Bunder, not Herr, was involved in community

The contrast between responses of Peter Bunder and Thomas Herr in the Journal & Courier on April 17 make clear which candidate has immersed himself in the real issues of his constituents in the 2nd District.

• He's the true Democrat.

• He's the one who has been consistently visible and listened when New Chauncey neighbors voiced concerns regarding their quality of life within the near-campus area.

• He's the one who, through consistent representation in the New Chauncey neighborhood organization and active participation in the New Chauncey strategic planning process, represented homeowners' needs related to parking, tightened housing ordinance language, regulating housing density and working toward a cohesive neighborhood land use plan.

• He's the one whose presence at neighborhood leadership meetings afforded him firsthand knowledge of residents' concerns about the construction of Wang Hall and university affiliated housing proposed in the Hayes Triangle area.

• He's the one who has supported a diverse and stable neighborhood within the 2nd District. His position is clear. It is based on substance, personal commitment, hard work and a non-partisan vision for his district as part of the West Lafayette community and Purdue University.

Contrast the level of involvement of Bunder and Herr as residents of the 2nd District.

Where was Herr during the periods of neighborhood need?

Bunder knows the issues. He was there.

Carol Czaja

West Lafayette

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