Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Joe Palmer on J&C on District #2 Race

Professor, author, former District #2 Councilman Joe Palmer in today's opinion section!

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Herr can't be a serious candidate for District 2

"Politics makes for strange bedfellows" goes the old adage, but this political season none is stranger than Thomas Herr. Does he really think reasonable people will believe that a Libertarian/Reform Party activist who later ran for Congress as a Republican can magically metamorphose into a mainstream Democrat in time for the May 3 primary?

Herr's sudden conversion from a long-standing anti-government political history to entry into the political mainstream as a Democrat, his third party of gadfly choice, is a change no reasonable Democrat can take seriously.

Pardon me for asking, but: Can a wannabe politician who has for years flaunted his political principles of working outside the system be reasonably believed to suddenly want to work inside the system? Can a central figure in lawsuits against the city of West Lafayette suddenly become a city council candidate dedicated to the welfare of the city?

Like leopards, politicians just don't change that many spots or their political principles. Can anyone reasonably believe that this political chameleon could steadfastly defend the interests of the 2nd District and the New Chauncey Neighborhood the way that Peter Bunder, an actual Democrat, has for the last four years?

Bottom line is that anyone who votes for Thomas Herr in the Democratic primary just hasn't been paying attention.

William J. Palmer

West Lafayette

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