Monday, April 4, 2011

Peter Bunder Earned Re-election

Peter Bunder has worked hard representing District 2 on the West Lafayette City Council and making good decisions for the entire city. He has earned re-election. Peter is not afraid to stand up to special interests. He thoroughly researches issues and gathers the information needed to protect our neighborhoods.

Councilor Bunder’s opponent may be a nice guy. But he has not fought for our neighborhoods nor stood up to special interests. In fact, he was the spokesperson for the bars fighting the Smoke-free West Lafayette ordinance and represented those who sued the City in an attempt to stop it.

As the City Councilor who authored this legislation, I know it was carefully crafted for public health, worker safety, and economic development. It had the overwhelming support of the citizens and has made West Lafayette a better place. It has likely saved lives, improved the health and enjoyment of residents, encouraged patrons to come to our venues, and enhanced the business image of our community. Yet the challenger in the District 2 Democratic primary took this to court. (Purdue Exponent 03/22/200)

The municipal primary election is Tuesday, May 3rd. The outcome of this election could determine the representation for District 2. Councilor Peter Bunder has done this job well and with passion. He deserves your support. Please vote for him – I certainly will!

Patti O'Callaghan

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