Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thanks Emily!

This means more to me than winning any stupid old election !!! (from a Facebook post . . . )
I really admire my parents for all of the amazing things they do. In particular, all of the hard work they have put in for so long now to better this city for people like us who live in it. It'd be such a shame if grade school level popularity contests, full of "he said-she said" and shameful bending of rules and words to say what people want to hear instead of what they ought to hear-truth, got the best of the people in our town. If you live in the area with a Giant 2 on it in this picture, I really encourage you to take a second to familiarize yourself with the issues, and all the amazing decisions and improvements my dad has been a big part of as the District 2 city council representative for the past 4 years. I'm so proud to have people like him and my mom to look up to. Vote Peter Bunder on May 3rd for City Council District 2. :) Peter Bunder - WL District #2

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