Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vote for Polles

I have two reasons for asking you to support John Polles in this November's West Lafayette mayoral election.

Budget Transparency

In 2010 I blogged about the city budget ("Budget Kabuki" - 10/6/10) and subsequently voted against it. I could have just repeated that piece. Again this year, I voted against the city spending plan.

Briefly, the city administration is claiming credit for opening two "lock-boxes" (funds in the Waste Water Utility and TIF monies administered by the Redevelopment Commission) to meet what have long been general fund expenses.

The great irony of course is that city Republicans complained long and loud both about the establishment of the Tax Increment Financing districts and the increases in the waste water rates that have provided both a world class waste water facility and funds, as the system approaches its limits, for further expansion.

Now both are identified as wonderful revenue streams for near term expenses.

The true fiscal conservative in this election is Democrat John Polles.

Strong Leadership

New Chauncey needs new friends. As I wrote regarding the proposed Muinzer project (9/28/11 - "Muinzer Project Prelude"), we look with envy across the river at the leadership provided by Mayor Roswarski in the Centennial neighborhood. Why this "sluggishness" (my thanks to J&C reporter Amanda Hamon for the perfect word) in regards to New Chauncey?

Inexperience? Disinterest? Lack of skill? Timidity? The discomfort of the usual commercial interests? THERE ARE OVER 200 MILLION DOLLARS (Muinzer presentation) WORTH OF PROJECTS COMPLETED OR UNDERWAY AT THE EDGE OF NEW CHAUNCEY! We should not need Carl Griffin to suggest creating a neighborhood land use plan. Ann Hunt ought not to be the one to ask the police chief for a parking study in the Evergreen St. neighborhood.

At this moment when Purdue, through the Research Foundation, has expressed new interest in a University-Neighborhood-City Alliance, there should be some energy present. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Sign the Memorandum of Understanding. Cut a check for $25,000 to begin to study how best to establish such a district. If we are proud of our "new (financial) normal", use waste water funds (they are moving a sewer line). Use redevelopment money.

We have a great community. But we can be even better. Vote for John Polles.

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