Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jay McCann at City Council - Land Use

WL City Council meeting

7:00 pm, City Hall

March 5, 2012

Mayor Dennis, Councilors, Clerk-Treasurer, and City Attorney Burns:

First, I would also like to thank you for all that you do for our city and its residents. I’ll be brief in my comments.

We can all take pride in the interest of developers to invest along the edges of the New Chauncey and Hills & Dales neighborhoods, as evidenced by the recent plans submitted by Marc Muinzer and other proposals before the Council. For the last two years, I have served as a neighborhood representative on the APC’s Steering Committee for the New Chauncey Neighborhood Plan. This committee has solicited a great deal of input from local residents and property owners, with the goal of developing a coherent long-term vision for the neighborhood. Ryan O’Gara and the other committee members are hopeful that a committee report will be available for fuller consideration by the West Lafayette Council in the not-too-distant future.

I believe it would be in the best interest of the City to adopt such a long-term vision and plan for the neighborhoods before considering large-scale developments. That way, there would be a clear framework to guide decision-making.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to speak tonight.

- Jay McCann

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ratherbebiking said...

Thanks to Jay and Peter for participating in the Land Use Plan. We do not know what the 'plan' will look like, but I hope it does serve as a template for discussion with the city. The city may have its own plan (or not), but Jay is correct that we need to push for a city endorsed strategic plan for the area.