Friday, May 30, 2014

West Lafayette: A Class Two City

So little changes with the City of West Lafayette's move from a Class 3 to a Class 2 city that it is hard to work up much energy around the shift in status. The city attorney's memorandum in support of Mayor Dennis's proposal is five pages of "not much happens".

Here are the notable changes:

There will be two more city council members. Our current five district - two at-large member council becomes a six district - three at-large member council. Better representation for more people is a good thing.

Personally, the current post-annexation council map has me representing the Hovde Hall fountain.

I would rather get the top half of North Chauncey back; Meridian and Robinson too. A new sixth council district would make that possible.

Professionally, I would hope the new "District Six" would be a (mostly) student district. My job includes pushing Purdue students beyond self-interest and corporate utility into an appreciation of community and a participation in the political process. Governing is difficult, but government is good. The West Lafayette political community should model young adult inclusion in government.

The council president gets a job. The council president chairs Class 2 council meetings.
Ann Hunt has chaired numerous pre-council and council meetings and the republic still stands.

The Clerk/Controller job is split. The city clerk would be elected and the city gets a CFO hired by the Mayor. This would seem to be a decent management move in any case, given the increasing complexity of city finances. The current arrangement is not conducive to any one person's physical or mental health.

West Lafayette gets two more spots on the Area Plan Commission. From two to four; the APC membership expands from 17 to 19. This should better reflect the growing urbanization of Tippecanoe County. I think the APC is important. I like this.

We get the Playground Tax money. But we will find ways to offset this revenue loss ($68,000) to the schools. The school corporation has no objection to this change.

The biggest change that comes with this administrative move is a change in our self-understanding. With the annexation of Purdue, with the completion of US #231, with the redevelopment of State St., and, I would add, with a new interest in land-use, historic preservation, and an urban core, the city of West Lafayette is now bigger, different, and, we all hope, better. This move acknowledges that evolution.

I will vote for Ordinance #17-14.

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